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About Barbara

While still a graduate at Sussex University, Barbara got her first taste of broadcasting as a student contributor to BBC Radio Brighton. After graduating she joined the station's newsroom as a news journalist.

She was soon recruited by BBC Radio 4 as a reporter for The World at One and PM and occasional presenter of Woman's Hour.

BBC World Service also spotted her and invited her to present their weekly magazine programme Science Now. She went on to devise and present BodyTalk and then Health Matters.

Barbara's interest in medical topics made her a natural choice as presenter of other related programmes including Dialogues and International Check Up, as well as reporter for Medicine Now.

Currently Barbara is presenting Check Up, the health phone-in on BBC Radio 4

Check Up

Check Up is a live health phone-in on BBC Radio 4.

Barbara has presented the programme since it began in 1998.

Barbara takes calls from listeners and puts them to a health expert in the studio who answers them on-air and previous topics include:

Listen to the latest programme (RealAudio)

Health Matters

Health Matters is a long running weekly BBC World Service programme which features health stories from around the globe.

Listen to these samples broadcasts to hear Barbara talking in-depth to guests whose own personal experience of illness has inspired them to help others.

Dr. Graeme Cunningham runs a clinic for alcoholic doctors and nurses after his own addiction to drink nearly cost him his career as a cardiologist - and his life. Noerine Kaliba is a Ugandan woman who has campaigned against AIDS since the disease claimed her husband's life.
Victoria Hale is an American Pharmacologist who quit her career in the pharmaceutical industry to set up OneWorld health, the first not-for-profit pharmaceutical company. Subroto Das was badly injured in a road traffic accident in India. His traumatic experience has led him to set up an emergency rescue service to come to the aid of other casualties.


For more than 10 years Barbara presented the magazine programme Outlook for the BBC World Service. This is a live, daily programme - with human interest stories and topical discussion giving the programme its popular appeal. Barbara's warm yet authoritative voice has won many loyal listeners world-wide - including the Beirut hostages.

An edition of Outlook on the Beirut hostages won Barbara her first Sony Award.

From "At Your Own Risk" - An American Chronicle of Crisis and Captivity in the Middle East by Tom & Jean Sutherland.

"In captivity now, my favourite program was BBC's "Outlook" with hosts Barbara Myers and John Tidmarsh. Barbara in particular had such a gentle way of handling interviews, and was always so courteous with her guests, while evidencing a piercingly sharp intelligence that always got the most out of them, and kept the show moving so refreshingly. Thank you Barbara..."


Outlook: Richard Branson 28.8Kbps (RealMedia)

Other work

Barbara has reported for the World Service's Health Matters and has won several awards for the series.

Barbara is one of the presenters of the World Service's Pick of the World. You can hear a sample broadcast here.

Barbara's other work includes Eureka, half-hour conversations with inventors and scientists. Guests included Microsoft supremo Bill Gates, chimp champ Jane Goodall, inveterate inventor Sir Clive Sinclair, and no fewer than 4 Nobel Laureates. Some of these programmes are in the audio archive.


Eureka: Bill Gates 28.8Kbps (RealMedia)
Health Matters 56Kbps (MP3), 112Kbps (MP3)
Homeopathy, Bites & Stings and Disabled in Gaza Strip
Health Matters 56Kbps (MP3), 112Kbps (MP3)
Malaria, Depression, Men's Health and Arab Hospitals