Barbara Myers

Radio & Television Presenter

Media Consultant
Video Production

Conference Chair

Whilst best known to the public as a BBC broadcast journalist, Barbara is also sought-after as a Chair and Facilitator for professional conferences. Some recent events are listed here;

Medical Research Council Public Meeting - Faces of Medical Research

Wellcome Trust

When? 25th July 2007

Where? Lords Cricket Ground

Body & Soul : Food For Living

When? 23rd March 2007

Where? The De Vere Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton

Choosing Local Food & Choosing Health

Choose Food

When? 23rd January 2007

Where? The Hop Farm, Paddock Wood, Kent

Wellcome Trust

When? 3rd and 4th April 2006

Where? Manchester Conference Centre

View the event programme (subject to change) by clicking here

The Pain of Heartache

Heartache of Valentine's Day

Does heartache really exist or is it all just in the mind? What are the physiological effects on the heart, mind and body and can we really die from a 'broken heart'.

Dana Centre, London

'Say AAH' for Arts and Health.

A speed dating event with arts and healthcare professional meeting up and making joint bids for a £10,000 challenge fund to create art in healthcare settings.

Cardiovascular Risk: A UK Priority - It's Time to Act.

Cardiovascular Risk Logo

A conference of top experts meet at the Royal College of Physicians in London to discuss Cardiovascular disease - which is leading cause of death in the UK.