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Five patients who have experienced cardiovascular disease - or are at high risk of heart attack and stroke - talk about their risk and how they are trying to reduce it

This project was commissioned by ACADEME to illustrate how CV risk is communicated by health care professionals and how it motivates patients to make necessary lifestyle changes to reduce that risk.



After several episodes of acute chest pain (Angina) - 40 year old Mark had angioplasty to open his coronary arteries.
He is back at work teaching cookery, and trying to look after himself better through exercise, relaxation and diet.

Mark film

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Having reached retirement age, Pat is overweight and has high cholesterol of 8.5 both are risk factors for CV.
She is trying to reduce her risk by eating low cholesterol food and taking dietary supplements/p>

Pat film

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Now in his late 70's, Martin has diabetes and high blood pressure.
Both put him at risk of heart attack or stroke.
He is on medication - and determined to help himself to further mitigate the risks through diet and exercise.

Martin film

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Following a heart attack 6 years ago Santokh had coronary bypass surgery,
To help him stay healthy, he now walks 3 miles a day, leads a walking group and, thanks to his wife's cooking, enjoys delicious reduced-fat traditional food.

Santokh film

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A dynamic business man, Simon was brought up short when he had a heart attack at 40.
He is struggling to keep his weight down and reduce work-related stress to cut his risk of further problems

Simon film

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