Barbara Myers

Barbara now works with her partner, Paul Loman, in a new venture called Homegrown Films.
Linking their complementary skills to the new digital technology, they have embarked on second careers as independent film-makers and are making an impact with their sensitive approach to documenting real-life stories.



Niall and Jess are getting married.

They are having a traditional wedding service - but there's nothing traditional about the reception.

The wedding party will be served waste food 'intercepted' from supermarkets, past its sell-by date, and otherwise destined for the tip.

Join us for this special occasion as Brighton's Real Junk Food Project serves up a feast and gives us reason to celebrate.



This documentary follows celebrated sculptor Martin Jennings in the making of a public statue of World War II hero, Sir Archibald McIndoe.

As a pioneering burns surgeon, McIndoe rebuilt the faces - and shattered lives - of hundreds of fighter pilots shot down in the Battle of Britain.

One of his patients was Jennings' own father.


As the figure of Archie comes to life in the hands of the sculptor, so too does the story of this charismatic man ... dedicted to his work, to his patients - and to living life at full tilt.



McINDOE was selected for CINECITY Brighton Film Festival 2014.


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Connor Saunders died in April 2012 at the age of 19. His mother, Darran, tells how Connor signed the organ donor register and enabled 6 others to live after his tragic death.

The family of Connor Saunders will be at the American Express Community Stadium on April 6th when Brighton and Hove Albion play Leicester. They will be invited to the pitch at half-time to tell their story.

Doctors, nurses and medical students from Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust will also be at the game to engage with fans and encourage them to join the organ donor register.

You can learn more about the Connor Saunders Foundation here. You can join the Organ Donor Register here.




A group of local residents got together to provide a much-needed family-orientated pub / cafe in their community: the Bevendean, Moulsecoomb and Bates estates in Brighton.

The Bevy is the first urban community co-operative estate pub in the UK.

They needed to raise £200,000 to renovate the property and this film tells their story. You can learn more about the project and follow their progress and buy a share on the Bevy website.

Bevy film

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Commended by the BMA as "invaluable to women considering breast reconstruction" in the 2013 BMA Patient Information Awards.

This DVD explains the range of surgical options available to women who have undergone mastectomy for breast cancer and who wish to have their breasts reconstructed.

Four surgeons, all specialists in reconstructive surgery within the NHS, describe the pros and cons of each of the procedures, while patients tell their own stories about their treatment choices, with before and after pictures showing the results.

Here's a selection of interviews from the DVD

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Views on the streets of the city of Brighton about attitudes to alcohol and what should be done to curb drinking to excess.

Short film (11 mins)

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LIFE LINES : a reflection on organ donation


3 people a day die on the waiting-list for an organ transplant.

This is the true life story of a family who offered the organs of their dying son for transplant - and how making this difficult decision helped them come to terms with their loss.


Full film (10 mins)

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40-year Philip was shopping when he took a call telling him to get his pyjamas and go straight into hospital.
"I spy with my little eye, something beginning with L..." he told the doctors. And when tests confirmed a diagnosis of leukaemia, his first thought was to refuse treatment.

But his quirky sense of humour came to the rescue. During chemotherapy, he saw hair loss as a "comic-wig opportunity" and he set his doctors the real challenge: "Is it safe to eat Marmite?".

But Philip needed a bone marrow transplant. A search of 10 million donors drew a blank. The only option was experimental treatment using stem cells from the umbilical cord of a new-born baby girl.

With wit, and wisdom - Philip tells what happened next. And helps us understand how cord blood has the potential to change all of our lives.

Full film (30 mins)

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Brighton and Hove has been accepted into Phase V of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Healthy Cities Movement.

NHS Brighton and Hove commissioned us to make this short film which illustrates the main features of the scheme:

the healthy workplace; healthy urban environment and design; and healthy living.


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Change4Life is a national campaign to encourage us all to eat well, move more and live longer.

NHS Brighton and Hove supports families to Change4Life by offering breast-feeding support and after-school cookery classes as well as projects such as BIKE-IT and MEND.

Change4Life film

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Lou Beckerman is a gifted musician, a trained nurse and a healing arts practitioner.

In this short film, we see how she uses her unique set of skills to help young patients - and their families - at the Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital in Brighton.

Lou has a song for all the children. She entertains and reassures them as they arrive at the City's new Children's hospital.

She sings for them as they undergo sometimes lengthy, sometimes painful treatment. She plays for them as they get better. She is there with her music if they get worse.

3 year old Hope is distracted and soothed by a musical instrument in the shape of a frog. Lou plays twelve-bar blues for William, an 11 year old who is having chemotherapy for a brain tumour. She teaches Hannah a new song as she is being treated for cancer. And Rhys - who has lived all his young life in the hospital - has his ownspecial song.

"Music makes an emotional connection that goes beyond words, offering comfort, reassurance and hope", says Lou. "And I feel passionate about bringing sound and song into healthcare"

Parents, doctors and other healthcare professionals all attest to the power of Lou's music.

But it's the children who hold her in their hearts.

My Body Sang Too was commissioned by the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust.


MY BODY SANG TOO was selected for the SEE Festival and was screened on Saturday Feb 20th 2010 at the Old Ship Hotel.

MY BODY SANG TOO was selected for CINECITY Festival 2009.

Short Version

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Brian Clark, writer of the ground-breaking play 'Whose Life Is It Anyway?' is in his 77th year. And he is writing a new play. To help him, he has assembled an unusual company of actors - men and women who have all worked in the theatre - but who have now reached retirement age.

Through weekly improvisational workshops, they get to know each other: they share their personal experiences. They explore a theme close to their hearts. The theme of 'Ageing'.

'The Making of George' is an hour-long documentary that captures the entire creative process - from audition to curtain-up. Where do the two mistresses come from? Who leaves the cast in tragic circumstances? Who gives the performance of a lifetime?

The film will be a companion piece to the production. And is a piece of drama in its own right.

The play 'Bye George!' was premiered at the Pavilion Theatre on October 3rd and 4th 2008.

The film 'The Making Of George' was screened at the Pavilion Theatre on November 9th 2008 as part of Celebrating Age 2008


The Making of George has been selected for the End Of The Pier International Film Festival and will be screened on Tuesday 28th April at 2pm in The Ritz at the Connaught Theatre. More details of the festival and access to the online booking office is here.


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Art House

An observational documentary which explores Brighton's unique Artists Open House experience and reveals the importance of art in all our lives.

Every year in May, a thousand local artists show their work in their own homes: from Victorian terraces to council flats, Regency apartments to suburban semis.

The smallest Open house is a beach hut.

Three hundred thousand art lovers, art collectors and sightseers flock to see a wealth of painting, printmaking, sculpture, jewellery and ceramics.

This 30 minute film captures the spirit of Britain's biggest free arts event.

ART:HOUSE has been enabled by Screen South and the RIFE lottery funding programme.


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I See Me

I See Me - An Art Collaboration

In the autumn term 2005, seventy students with special educational needs prepare to leave school to move into a brand new College. It's exciting but daunting.

To help them make the move, they will work with a professional artist to create personal identity strips: colourful and imaginative collages featuring fingerprints, hand prints and photographs.

Hanging from a large steel hoop, the strips form a mobile sculpture which takes pride of place in the College entrance, ready to welcome them on their arrival.

'I See Me' is a 15 minute video which documents this unique art collaboration. As well as tapping into the creative process, it offers an insight into a group of differently-abled young people who are often misunderstood - and even stigmatised.

'I See Me' was part-funded by the Brighton and Hove City Arts Commission. It was selected for screening at CINECITY - the Brighton Film Festival 2006.

You can view a short extract below. Click on the link below which fits the speed of your internet connection. If you would like to see the film in its entirety, please make contact by email.

Video Extract

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Sounding Out!

Lou Beckerman - Sounding Out

'Sounding Out!' is an arts and health initiative, devised by Lou Beckerman to help patients in hospital regain confidence through singing. This 9 minute video shows what happened on one afternoon in one ward for stroke patients. The video was commissioned by the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust.

You can view the completed video in its full length version. Click on the link below depending on the speed of your internet connection.


 Sounding Out! Click to view